What We Do?

Whelan Pluming services Domestic mainly and this is their main line of work. But they also service the commercial and Industrial sites as well.

Whelan Plumbing are an on call business!


Yes Whelan Plumbing clear blockages in drains, whether it is a sewer or septic. Brian uses a Ridgid K1500 machine, This is the Whelan Plumbing’s core business and they are set up to manage most blockages.

General Plumbing

Maintenance Plumbing, Yes, Whelan Plumbing fix that leaking tap or toilet, repair leaking pipes, replace toilet and all other general plumbing. Brian can even put taps in cut Reticulation into your water supply. Replace pumps and hot water units. Do the plumbing side of your renovation and clean gutters

Septic systems

Unblock septic systems, install new septic systems , Repairs to old septic tanks, Replace leach Drains Also Brian can convert from leach drain to a treatment plant system if required. Whelan do full installs of septic systems.


Whelan Plumbing do all types of drainage, from Sewer Drains to storm water drains, drains to tanks and pits ect.

Also clearing of blocked drains, setting the plumbing for wash down areas with triple Interceptor.
All your general Drainage up to commercial drainage. And everything in between.

Hot water systems

Whelan Plumbing do a range of hot water systems from Electric Storage, Gas Storage, Gas instant, Gas instant High Efficient, Solar also the chip heaters on occasions when requested.

Not often can Whelan Plumbing repair these hot water systems but when they can they will repair hot water services, change over the pressure valves, change over the over temperature valve and change the Sacrificial Anode.


Whelan Pluming install and Repair all types of Tin Roofing, Guttering, down pipes, storm water drains.


Whelan Plumbing can install General Gasfitting. Brian can install Gas lines for Natural Gas, LP Gas. On all domestic installation. Whelan Plumbing will only install new appliances such as, hot water services, cookers, heaters ect.