Valuable Information


The first sign of a blockage is when everything is running slow, so the toilet raises up in the bowl a little the sink makes sounds, the toilet makes a blopping sound (blop blop blop blop) mainly when something else is being used. Or the toilet will have less water than usual in the bottom of the bowl.

At this stage it is detective time! Now Fella’s put the night vision goggles away we will only need a torch if it is dark outside. First look for the DT grate, the old days they called this the gully trap but what your looking for is a grate outside the kitchen, bathroom or Laundry. If the water is nearly all the way to the top, this is when it is time to call US!  If you know where your inspection shaft is this is always a help to the plumber and the first point we check when we can find it.

Also ask your neighbour’s if they have a problem too! If your neighbour’s are having the same problem only one plumber needs to be called.

If you’re on a septic it is always a good idea to locate the Septic tank. If you’re not sure where it is we can find it, also the local shire will have it on record too. This will just speed the time the plumber takes onsite. As the first point we check is usually the tank.

Leaking pipes

Ok do you know where the leak is?
Do you know what type of pipe it is?
Is it hot or cold?
Have you noticed a wet spot or greener than normal spot, water coming from a vent or wall cavity, can you hear the water hissing.

Ok it is time to turn the water off at the mains,

This is when it is time to call us!

Leaking taps

If a tap is dripping it generally means all your taps will need servicing inside and out, we can do all or just the one! It is entirely up to you, also fixing your leaking toilets at the same time.
All of our vehicles carry service kits for most toilets and taps used.

It is cheaper to do them all at once than to call Brian back in two weeks because another one is leaking.

The first sign a toilet is leaking is a very thin line down the pack of the toilet inside the pan. This will gradually get wider and up to 10mm or 1cm wide at the extreme also the toilet will at this stage hiss consistently.

Water Hammer

Generally water hammer is caused by tap washers there are a couple of very quick ways to check this. Turn the toilet off at the wall and the washing machine and the dishwasher then try the taps that cause the water hammer. If this has stopped the problem we need to install Arrestor taps or mini stops. This is when you need to call us to assure we bring the correct ones. Or we can do the test for you.