About Our Team

Brian Whelan,

Brian is the Plumber, likes to think he’s the boss; he does the work, and is the smiling face knocking on your door when everything is well turning to poo!!

Brian did his apprenticeship with Young Plumbers in Victoria, doing a range of plumbing from new residential homes to repairs on commercial and industrial projects. Once Brian was out of his apprenticeship he spent another two years plumbing before heading out and trying other types of employment, where he has explored civil works, the transport industry to market gardens and some time in the IT industry, to find that the only time he was enjoying being at work was when he was plumbing.

So he decided to get back into plumbing and kick off in country Victoria, after 5 years of realising that there was a lot of competition in country Victoria Brian and his family decided to move to Western Australia. So they came over for a look around and decided Perth was a good place and upon asking most people what they thought of the tradesmen, Brain and his wife decided this is the right place to set up. Brian centralised his plumbing business around Midland but also travels south of the river when needed and to almost anywhere in WA when needed.

Bernadette (Bernie) Whelan.

“The real Boss”
Bernie is the one in the office doing all the books and looking after the behind the scene stuff, lodging certificates etc. She makes sure everything is running smooth and that Brian can find all the paper work when he needs it. Bernie makes sure all the bills are paid on time so that Whelan Plumbing can keep going every day the way they do.

New Staff

As Whelan Plumbing progress and expand they hope to have new staff to mention here and more smiling faces to be able to give you a bit of a background on! But to get on here the staff that Brian and Bernie look to employ will have to have the same values for the work and for Whelan Plumbing’s customers as Brian & Bernie have.